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Silk Talk – Truths, Myths and Silk Pyjamas

Silk Talk – Truths, Myths and Silk Pyjamas

I must admit, for me, there is nothing more tempting than slipping into a pair of pure silk pyjamas after a long day with a glass of wine in hand and undisturbed access to Netflix. And YES, you are right. I’m a ‘pyjama kind of girl’ and my favourite silk PJ’s are always on my to-pack-list when I travel. They look luxurious and feel amazing. So here’re some truths about silk and how to ensure that your silk pyjamas will last you for years to come.





Silk has regained its popularity over the man-made synthetic fibers lately. And rightly so, because poly silk will never feel like silk. Your skin can’t breathe and the clothes will never sit with that flow like real silk. Plus silk is naturally hypoallergenic. Which is wonderful news for those suffering from allergies or dry and sensitive skin. And there is more. For centuries silk has been known for its skin-smoothing benefits, so that’s pretty much a full body anti-aging treatment whilst you sleep!


Short Silk Pyjama Set in Midnight Grey




I’ve noticed that various silk garments are starting to pop-up everywhere on the highstreet. Sadly majority of these garments are made using very lightweight silks from 5mm – 12mm. Momme or mm is a silk weight measurement, so the more mm, the more silk is being used to spin the fabric. Lightweight silk garments are inexpensive compared to heavier silks, however over time, they will become limp and rather unattractive.


At SILK & GREY, we only use the premium silks. Our silk sleepwear and silk loungewear is handcrafted using 19mm silks, not only because the silk of this weight is incredibly soft and luxurious, but also it’s much stronger and more durable. Yes, it is more expensive, but you know the saying ‘ you get what you pay for’. The cost will be higher but you will get better value for your money.


Short Silk Pyjama Set in Silverlight Grey




Generally, all silks can be handwashed, however I wouldn’t attempt washing lighter silk fabrics for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Dry-cleaning is always a safe option, but follow the wash and care guidelines found on a garment.


The good news is that all SILK & GREY’s pure silk pyjamas and loungewear can be handwashed using a delicate detergent designed specifically for wool and silk garments. Something like Persil Silk/Wool or similar. Unlike regular detergents, these are pH neutral and gentler. With regards to temperature, the lower the better, but never wash your silk PJ’s in higher than 300C. Try to avoid rubbing and never boil or soak them. If any stain treatment is required, spot clean the mark before washing with a special stain remover, but remember – don’t rub! Oh, I almost forgot – never use bleach on silk, even if the garment is white. Bleach ruins silk fibers. At best you will end up with a yellow stain, at worst – a hole.


After a thorough rinse, gently roll your silk item in a clean white bath towel to remove excess moisture. Let it air dry. Keep it away from direct sunlight when possible. Silk dries very quickly, so you shouldn’t need to hang it out for long.


To restore the shine and lustre after washing, iron your silk garments on a medium (silk) setting on the reverse side only. In my experience, using a steamer works best.


To sum it all up, invest in good quality silk clothing that is made to last. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions as to where the silk comes from and what mm. Follow the wash and care guidelines and finally, enjoy wearing it!

And that’s really all there is to it to ensure that your silk pyjamas will last for many years to come.


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Inga x


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